A short poem in three lines
with seventeen syllables or less.
The subject of a haiku (pronounced "high-koo")
is often a moment in time
when Nature becomes part of the human experience.
The poem is written simply,
so that the reader can enter and share its moment.

Split by lightening,

the maple grows as two trees

sharing the same roots.

Corn grass and crabgrass

overrunning the lawn,

bluegrass languishes.

Building a board fence,

the craftsman put the good side

facing his neighbor.

Geraniums grow

in the strawberry jar,

impatiens run wild.

At night the workers

dump out leftover concrete

where lilacs should bloom.

the fortune teller

you visit in the fun house

is always laughing.

Outlined in white snow

black winter branches become

the negative space

in the restaurant

sits a smiling gold buddha

on a red altar

The old engineer

keeps drafting tools and slide rule

near the computer.

the spring lettuces

provide hospitality

for the spring rabbits

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